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By tracking and measuring the performance of over 50,000 financial experts, this tool can identify the top experts within each sector who consistently outperform the markets.

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Insiders' Hot
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C-level executives are required by SEC to publicly report on transactions of their companies’ stocks. Follow these corporate insiders to have a new perspective of the market.

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Daily Analyst
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Follow top-rated financial analysts to find out their opinion about the price evolution of various stocks. Select the analysts who evaluate companies that out-perform the market for investment opportunities.

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Hedge Funds
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See how leading fund managers have adjusted their positions on the world’s leading stocks over the previous fiscal quarter.

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Bloggers Opinions Bloggers Opinions
Bloggers Opinions
  • Follow top-ranked financial bloggers featured in websites such as Seeking Alpha, The Motley Fool, or Investor Place.
  • Learn in real-time what thousands of financial bloggers think.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio based on expert opinion, commentary, and performance.
Bloggers Opinions
Insiders' Hot Stocks
  • Develop different strategies based on their trading activity.
  • Find out which of your preferred companies have high levels of insider trading.
  • Actionable research tools to help you time your investments.
Bloggers Opinions
Bloggers Opinions Bloggers Opinions
Daily Analyst Ratings
  • Choose to follow high-ranked analysts based on their measured performance
  • See the 12-month average price target as given by all analysts for a particular stock in the last 3 months.
  • Make informed trading decisions and learn new strategies
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Hedge Funds Activity
  • Track a summary of the fund's activity directly in the trading platform.
  • Check out whether the popularity of a particular stock has trended higher or lower with fund managers over the past few quarters.
  • View the sentiment of fund managers towards a stock, based upon the combined purchases of multiple funds.
Bloggers Opinions

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A friend of mine introduced me to Capex and up until now it had absolutely worth it to work with them. Highly competitive trading services and impressive customer service.

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An interesting company with a very promising future ahead. I’m currently a trader at Capex and given their features, I plan to stick with their trading offer.